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The "Pointer"
Control your computer with the gaze
What is the "Pointer"?
The "Pointer" is an input-output eye-tracking interface for disabled people. It is designed to control your computer with your gaze and is able to completely replace the standard keyboard and mouse. Using this interface, a person who previously could not use a computer, get to be able to type text, work with any computer programs and use the Internet - like as an ordinary, physically healthy user. At the same time, the speed of work is comparable to the speed of a healthy person.
Who is the "Pointer" for?
How fast can I work with this interface?
The typing speed for most users is 40 characters per minute or more. For comparison, the speed of handwriting is 30-50 characters per minute. Thus, the pace of work of a disabled person, who previously could neither write nor speak, approaches the pace of work of a healthy person. The situation is similar with the mouse emulation: due to the use of innovative technologies, the rate of work of the system is several times higher than the products of competitors and is only slightly inferior to the pace of work. with a normal mouse.
What about cost? Are there services and technical support?
The "Pointer" is inexpensive (at least 3 times cheaper than analogs). The price includes a free user training service, technical support, and the ability to test before buying and make sure that the system is of high quality and is suitable for a specific user.
Where can I see feedback from real users?
You can see user's reviews and watch videos where their using "Pointer" on project publics: