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Brain charger
Acoustic Brain Stimulator for Mobile Devices
Why do I need a brain stimulator?
The acoustic stimulator "Brain charger" restores up to 30% of intellectual performance without any drugs and side effects. It allows you to quickly "recharge the brain" in a situation of serious fatigue - when there is no longer any working capacity, and the work has not yet been completed. "Brain charger" will allow you to finish work on time, safely get home, stay awake at the airport, relieve nervous tension and stress, normalize sleep, restore circadian rhythms. Unlike drug stimulants, it is completely safe and has no side effects.
Who is the "Pointer" for?
How does this work?
Using the specially designed sound patterns, the stimulator balances the processes of excitation and inhibition. As a result, a part of the brain's capabilities (up to 30%), which was previously blocked by excessive excitation or inhibition, becomes available. The more the efficiency is impaired, the more powerful the effect of stimulation will be. The maximum effect is achieved with maximum fatigue. The positive effect can also be enhanced through regular use of the stimulator. The recommended duration of stimulation is 30 to 60 minutes per day. Also, with continued use, stimulation facilitates the restoration of circadian rhythms (for example, after changing the time zone) and improves sleep. Stimulation does not work on children and normally rested adults (their working capacity is at maximum, excitation and inhibition are balanced - there is nothing to restore).
Stimulation without side effects: is it possible?
The "Brain charger" does not change the biochemistry of the brain. Average neuronal activity and nutrient intake are unchanged. As a result, the next day there is no need for additional rest; there is also no need to compensate for the deficiency of nutrients. Therefore, there is not the slightest weakness, no withdrawal symptoms, or other side effects. The brain works at the same intensity as always, but after stimulation excitation and inhibition are balanced. As a result, 25-30% of the brain's resources become available for use, which were previously inaccessible due to excessive excitation or inhibition in the nervous system.
Can I “expand my consciousness” or increase my intellectual potential with “Brain charger”?
The acoustic pattern used in the program is intended solely to restore intellectual performance. This only works on people whose performance is impaired. Stimulation does not add new abilities - it only gives access to existing brain resources that have been blocked by fatigue or stress.
How do I use a stimulator?
The stimulator playback a specially designed acoustic pattern. Playback is started by the "Start" button (right button). If necessary, you can pause (the same button) or reset playback (center button).
What are the requirements for headphones?
Stimulation must be carried out with headphones. In-ear headphones are optimal (with complete isolation from external sounds). Earbuds can also be used if they are of sufficient quality. External speakers, car speakers, etc. can't be used with a stimulator because they do not provide noise isolation from external sounds (and it greatly reduce the positive effect). For the same reason, on-ear headphones are not recommended.
How loud should the sound be?
The volume of the sound should be such that the sound "presses on the brain" - but without unpleasant or painful sensations. Like when listening to loud music at the maximum comfortable volume.
What if I hear extra tones or different volumes in the left and right headphones?
During stimulation, the user should hear a clear or almost clear tone of equal volume in the left and right headphones. If the volume is different, wiggle the earphones by finger and make sure that the volume becomes relatively equal. If you hear small extra tones in one or both channels - it's okay, this effect is caused by fatigue or overexcitation, which you correcting now. After a few minutes of stimulation, you will stop hearing them - this is a sign that the correction is working. If the extra tones is strong and rattling, try lowering the volume. If the extra tones are lost at the same time, then the headphones is too low-power and they need to be replaced.
How long should a stimulation session last?
The optimal duration of a stimulation session is 30 minutes. It is recommended no more than two such sessions per day. Stimulation can be combined with any other activity that does not require concentration (for example, you can use the stimulator during any "automatic" work, travel on public transport, walking, at lunchtime, etc.). But it is better to do this at home, in a relaxed atmosphere, without straining your brain with additional tasks.
Is it necessary to look at the screen during stimulation?
A moving visual pattern indicates that the program is up and running. You don't need to look at it, but you can use it as a meditation object if you like.
Is there any scientific evidence of effectiveness?
The effectiveness of stimulation has been experimentally proven. The research results will be published in scientific journals after the completion of the patent procedure.
And what about safety?
Acoustic stimulation is similar to listening to music. It is absolutely safe because it does not directly affect the brain (as, for example, electrical, magnetic or drug stimulation does). The specially designed acoustic pattern works in the same way as "relaxation music" - only several times more effective. So the safety is fine.